Aii Singapore

Aii Singapore is a social enterprise that hires hearing impaired individuals and supplies lovely customised corporate gifts in a form of confectionary. To make their good cause more outstanding, WE! embarked on a project to enable Aii Singapore to sell their products online via e-commerce.

WE! redesigned their website and gave it a warm, lovable look and feel to better illustrate the kind intent of the organisation. With the e-commerce segment added on, it stood out as both a corporate site and a place where interested consumers can purchase their products.

On top of simply adding to cart and buying their ready made gifts, WE! created a function on the site to make the product even better than it already is: Anyone who purchases corporate gifts from Aii Singapore could pay a little more to customise the gift wrappers via a tool on the site. WE! did it with love, for a good cause.

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