Assemble & Score

As the paramount of all football tournaments hit our shores in 2014, our client, Pepsico, tasked us with a campaign to bring football to Pepsi drinkers.

It was not just excitement they were after: it was total engagement, starting the journey with the purchase of a beverage purchase.

And since collecting player sticker and sticker books concerning the world’s greatest football stage always rang a nostalgic reminder to us, WE! decided to recreate a similar experience online for our participants.

Pepsi microsite 1Pepsi microsite 2Pepsi football 3

Participants would then collect Pepsi player stickers, complete certain sets to win prizes, the ultimate prize being a trip for 2 to anywhere in the world to watch a football team of your choice.

On top of the game, WE! covered bus wraps and on-ground activation at supermarkets where Pepsi was most commonly purchased.

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