Campaign period: April to June 2016


Emojis rule and punctuate today’s email and phone communications in a big way, so to commemorate 17 July’s World Emoji Day, Pepsi launched a global campaign that featured a series of unique Emojis showed prominently on all Pepsi cans.

WE! were tasked to take these emojis, which could be adapted for local market context under guidelines, and make them resonate with Singaporeans. WE! transformed the default emojis into familiar and humourous ‘Singlish’ expressions that would instantly identify with Singapoeans. The exercise turned out everyday local speak like ‘Blur Like Sotong’ and ‘Eat Snake’, amongst several others, and made them into instantly recognisable graphics.

These fun emojis were then applied to Pepsi bottle wraps and cans, which were sold locally in supermarkets all over Singapore.

On the digital front, WE! created a microsite for Pepsi where fans could login to take a quiz and ‘test’ their Singlish proficiency. They would have to guess what each emoji meant in local lingo. Various prizes were then given out to winners such as free Uber ride, which WE! roped in as partners and sponsors. Participants could also download the emojis to use in their personal communications.

At ground level, WE! selected 3 supermarkets with high foot fall and worked with them to launch in-store promotions where fans can get their very own Pepsi Emoji Cushion. WE! also designed prominent wall wraps to promote the campaign with free drink giveaways, at the very busy and central Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange.