Campaign period: From September 2016 to June 2017


Wellington, Dusseldorf, Dubai, Stockholm and a handful of cities in China make up a collection of lesser known destinations that Singapore Airlines flies direct to.  In a bid to raise awareness for these flights, WE! worked with the airline to launch a digital campaign over a span of 9 months to create exposure and entice wanderlust in these locations.

WE! designed and built a mobile responsive microsite hosted over a campaign domain. Here, on this site, different destinations were promoted over different time frames with various engagement approaches; quizzes highlighting the many wonders and interest points of the featured destination, puzzles educating the key attractions of different cities, and even a scrapebook creation tool using the cities’ icons and landmark visuals.

Through these engagement activities, participants were able to discover the destinations and deepen their knowledge and interest in them. On top of that, lucky participants stood to win a variety of travel related prizes including flights to featured locales.

Participants were also able to view past featured destinations and try their hands at the various engagement activities.

WE! also partook in the design and development of media banner duties for placement on various media outlets for this entire campaign. The scope included both static and animated HTML5 web banners.