Unleash Your X

Being the beverage that brings excitement to the next level, Mountain Dew joins forces with Fox Movies to bring X-Men: Days of Future Past to our Singapore audiences.

In this mighty collaboration, Mountain Dew invites Dew fans to Unleash Your X: Join up, discover more about the mutant characters and possibly win exclusive premiums, courtesy of Fox Movies.

Dew fans not only enjoyed a bevy of sweet X-Men: DOFP content on Mountain Dew’s Facebook Page, they were even given chances to walk away with premiere tickets. And to top it off, our social contest app also let them unravel their inner mutant with an UGC portion.

Of course, the action doesn’t end on the digital realm. WE! brought the Dew to the streets in Orchard and various restaurants to get the audiences closer to experiencing Unleash Your X. Complete with the grand prizes on display, X-Men cosplayers, instant photo prints and fantastic Mountain Dew to leave Dew fans asking for more.

Lastly, the client also tasked us with interchange pillar skins and bus wraps to heighten the whole Unleash Your X campaign islandwide.


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Pepsico Mountain Dew - AMK WM13(11 May 14)2 Pepsico Mountain Dew - Boon Lay WM03(11 May 14) Pepsico Mountain Dew Clementi WM02 (11 May 14)


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